Inspiration for convenience when using the Matsu rotary basket product

With the message "Simple, convenient", Duy Tan household plastic brand has quickly received favor from consumers. Within a few months of its introduction in the market, housewives have remembered the Matsu rotating basket (new product) of Duy Tan Plastic Company) as a utility trend, the product is designed with centrifugal force. , compact, elegant, beautiful look.

Matsu Rotary Basket is designed from the idea of ​​having a subtle beauty, bringing a modern but simple direction. Not only that, the product is also skillfully applied to every detail to create its own uniqueness. Vegetables, tubers and fruits washed with a Matsu rotary basket will be quickly clean and dry, and hygienic.

With fresh colors such as white, yellow, green, pink, Matsu spinning basket gives users a feeling of youth and elegance. Matsu roast basket is made from genuine plastic material, with a diameter of 22.9 x 18 cm (small), with a price of 83,000 VND / piece and 26.2 cm x 20 cm (large), selling price 107.000 VND / unit. Matsu rotating basket products with Duy Tan brand have been sold in supermarkets nationwide and the system of agents and product introduction shops of Duy Tan Company.

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Using the Matsu rotating basket is simple, users just need to put vegetables, tubers and fruits into the drum, then add water and cover the lid, use the crank in a circle to create force to rotate the basket inside. In particular, after the food is washed with the Matsu roast basket, when used, it is still fresh and delicious, so it is safe for the health of users.

My family regularly eats raw vegetables because this dish is fast, neat and nutritious. However, the drying process of vegetables is quite inconvenient and time consuming. Introduced by a neighbor, I bought a spin basket of centrifugal vegetables to use and was quite satisfied.

Centrifugal vegetable roasting basket has a simple design, easy to use, including: centrifugal rotary lid, vegetable roasting cage and outer bowl.

Vegetable spin lid is round, 22cm in diameter, weighs 80g. Inside the lid is attached to the centrifugal turntable, 8cm circumference. Above is a circular lever, 2.5cm in diameter, 2cm high, fitting with the finger size when used.

Next to the rotating rod is a 8cm long water dispenser, an oblong cast, attached to a 3cm long drain hole, making it easy for water to go down, not flowing out of the rotating cover.

Vegetable roasting cage is red, made of PP plastic, 20cm diameter, weighs 70g. This rotating cage has small rectangular holes, 2.5cm long, 0.5cm wide, making it easy to drain water, not destroying vegetables. There are also two square holes on the cage body, 2cm wide for the handle.

In addition, the rotating cage can also be used as a normal basket, very neat and convenient.

Outer cover is light green, round, 22cm in diameter, weighs 130g. Under the sole, there are square holes, 1.5cm wide, allowing water to quickly escape when rotating.

The centrifugal rotary basket has the size of 16x22 cm (high x circumference), quite compact, helping to save the kitchen area of ​​the family.

The product uses durable, lightweight and safe PP plastic, helping me to be assured to cook many favorite vegetables.

The parts are separate from each other so it is easy to clean and clean.